Ferguson Enterprises New Distribution Center - Stockton, California

Sustainable-leftFerguson Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) is the nation’s largest wholesale plumbing distributor.  Our team was selected by FEI based on our superb performance on previous distribution centers across the US.

The new 750,000 sf Distribution Center was built on a greenfield site on an island in the Port of Stockton, California, and is comprised of a conventional shallow foundation system, non-load bearing precast concrete wall panels, and high tolerance floor slabs averaging ff=50, fl=35, and fmin=70 in the VNA area.  The site development required over 500,000 CY of borrow material to be imported and mixed with lime stabilization to prepare the building pad subgrade.

This project had numerous challenges including designing for high seismic zone requirements, unique environmental factors including an endangered species on the site, and the State of California Title 24 Energy Code.  We worked closely with the designers, city and state officials, special interest groups and subcontractors and meet each challenge:

  • A timber framed roof joist and deck system was used in lieu of a conventional steel structure, to comply with the high seismic design standards.
  • To meet the state of California’s Title 24 Energy Code requirements, we implemented numerous design solutions including the installation of over 400 skylights to introduce natural light, and the use of infrared detector switches on light fixtures in offices and restrooms thereby reducing energy consumption by 32%.   Also 83% of construction waste was recycled.
  • This project was built on an island habitat with an endangered species – the Elderberry Bettle.  Special environmental precautions were implemented to protect the species during all phases of construction.

In addition, we proactively worked to expedite the building permits and we were able to obtain a construction permit in four weeks instead of the typical four month duration.  The feat was unheard of in the area and allowed the project to begin and finish on time.